PCIN Members


Residents of­ Perth County can go to any library in Perth County­ and obtain a free library card. That card can then be used at any of the 7 library locations listed below.

North Perth Public Library
Listowel Branch: 260 Main Street W., Listowel, ON N4W 1A1 [map]
Phone: 519-291-4621 / Fax 519-291-2235
Atwood Branch: 218A Main Street, Atwood ON N0G 1B0 [map]
Phone / Fax: 519-356-2455
Monkton Branch: 216 Winstanley Street, Monkton, ON N0K 1P0 [map]
Phone / Fax: 519-347-2703

Perth East Public Library
19 Mill Street East, Milverton ON N0K 1M0 [map]
Phone:(519) 595-8395 / E-mail:­pel@pcin.on.ca­­/ ­Fax: (519) 595-2943

St. Marys Public Library­
15 Church St. N., P. O. Box 700, St. Marys, ON N4X 1B4 [map
Phone: (519) 284-3346

Stratford Public Library
19 St. Andrew Street, Stratford, ON N5A 1A2 [map]
Phone: (519) 271-0220 / E-mail:­spl@pcin.on.ca­ / Fax: (519) 271-3843

Stratford-Perth Archives
4273 Line 34 (Highway 8 West of Stratford, next door to the Stratford-Perth Museum), Stratford ON ­N5A 6S6­ [map
Phone: (519) 271-0531, ext 259 / E-mail:splarchives@perthcounty.ca­/ Fax: (519) 273-5746

West Perth Public Library­
105 St. Andrew St., Box 100, Mitchell, ON N0K 1N0 [map
Phone: (519) 348-9234 / E-mail:­wpl@pcin.on.ca­/ Fax: (519) 348-4540­



Non Members

If you live outside of Perth County, you still can get a library card. ­You can get a card for free if you live in:

  • Huron County­
  • Region of Waterloo­
  • Oxford County­
  • Middlesex County
  • Wellington County

Simply bring in a piece of ID ­with your home address to one of the PCIN libraries. ­

In return, residents of Perth County ­can go a library in one of the above municipalities ­and get a ­free library card.­

If you live outside of one of these areas, you can get a PCIN library card for $7 per month.­