Free EBooks & Audiobooks with your library card

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Download e-books and audiobooks, and watch streaming video, on your computer, e-reader, tablet, and many other mobile devices. Available anytime, anywhere.­

How it Works:

You'll need:

  • Internet access
  • A valid library card, and your library PIN (generally the last four digits of your phone number). Library cards must be from Stratford Public Library, Perth East Public Library, any branch of the North Perth Public Library, St Marys Public Library, or West Perth Public Library.
  • Follow the specific instructions for your device (found below) and you will be reading in no time.


  • Lending periods can be 7, 14, or 21 days and you can have up to 15 downloadLibrary items checked out at one time.
  • MP3 audiobooks and eBooks can be returned early
  • There are never any late charges!

Getting Started

Kobo Touch

Using eBooks on a Computer / eReader
ie. Kobo touch, Kobo glo, Nook

Mp3 Player

Using Audiobooks on a Computer / Mp3 Player
ie. iPod, SanDisc

Image of IPhone


Using eBooks & Audiobooks on a
Smartphone or Tablet

(iPhone / iPad / Samsung / Kobo Arc / Android / Windows Phone)

Need help?

Visit the ­­downloadLibrary Troubleshooting Guide

You may be unable to log in or check out items from downloadLibrary if your library card is blocked, your library card has expired. ­Please contact the library to have the issue resolved.

What is your PIN? It is generally set as the last four digits of your phone number.­

If you continue having problems, call, email or visit­ your local Library location ­for assistance.